Helping Adults To Play - After Work, At Campfires And Parties


So you've decided you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar.
However with all the information available today, it's easy to feel lost, stuck, learning 'stuff' that doesn't have you playing songs...
And to play good songs on your guitar, after work or at campfires and parties...
You might be surprised that you don't need to know a bunch of theory, a ton of scales or how to read music before you have fun playing songs...
All you need is:
• Smooth chord changes
• The ability to strum well
• A great set of songs to play, and
• Know exactly what you need to do to practice them
The good news is, there's a simple solution to help you play those songs quickly...
If you're interested in playing more songs... how to practice and remember those songs... and even how to play those songs in any key to suit a singer's voice, then you can join other like-minded people in a weekly acoustic guitar workshop for adult beginners - where the focus is on playing songs, having fun and helping you to play better. 
With the 'Getting Started Quickly' Acoustic Guitar Workshop for the Adult Beginner, I'll share with you all the skills you need to play confidently at any campfire jam. With clear, step-by-step instructions, this relaxed, engaging, song-based workshop is designed with the complete beginner in mind. (all you need is a guitar and a desire to play)

And if you've been playing a while, and you don't know your right hand from your left elbow, you'll feel right at home too.

  • So if you're struggling to change chords quickly...
  • Your strumming hand feels like a drunk on payday...
  • You can't play a song (or only bits here and there)...
  • You find yourself noodling when you 'practice'...
Then 'Getting Started Quickly' Acoustic Guitar Workshop is your jam!

Ready to do what it takes to get better so you can make those campfire sing-alongs, fun and entertaining?

Then click the orange button below to register for a 2-hour beginner guitar workshop...

"I tried to learn guitar many years ago but became very frustrated after trying three different teachers... I have been there now for four and a half years and have found Allen to be an excellent teacher...Your age doesn't matter, if you want to have fun and learn a new and enjoyable life skill... give Allen a call. You won't be sorry." - Jim P. GC Guitar Club Member
(For Your Acoustic Jam)
Passed the beginner stage?

There are many great things for you to learn. Plus many exciting ways you can learn them. At Gold Coast School of Guitar you can learn them through live online guitar lessons, on-demand instructional videos and in guitar workshops and music camps.
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Allen Hopgood has been playing guitar since 1983. He has shared the stage with some of Australia's biggest musical talent including, Jimmy Barnes and The Radiators, plus U.S mega-stars - Kiss.
Teaching professionally since 2011, Allen is committed to his craft. Every year he spends countless hours and invests thousands of dollars into training on becoming a better teacher for you. Experience which can solve your problems in an instant. 

Even if you find another teacher that has some results, he or she will maybe know how to do a part of the process, but they won't have had to personally adapt it for the individual who is sitting, feeling frustrated, thinking they're not as good as the person next to them, playing the same thing.
They won't have had to deal with many people of various playing levels at the same time. They won't have known how to get a result so everyone in the room walks out with a huge smile on their face... all playing a song... feeling great they can do so.
This is what it takes. Because there's a lot of stuff out there for playing guitar. And people don't care how great you think you are, all they care about is the results you can help them create. And that's where Allen Hopgood makes a difference.
With an aptitude for helping beginners to play along with songs in 30 minutes and then into casual performers, Allen has gained a loyal following following of students over 40 who enjoys his comprehensive lessons and relaxed, easy-going persona.

Today Allen only lets the most suitable people into his programs. Again, this sort of experience is what will protect you too and help change your guitar playing dramatically.

Many people love what Allen Hopgood does. People like Lisa Seredycz – who achieved playing along with a song in 30 minutes after spending 4 years with another guitar teacher learning everything but songs...

People like Darren Jones – who achieved amazing changes to his physical ability to play the instrument but also concentration levels and the growth of his musical mind.

People like Jim Page who achieved playing and practicing breakthroughs after 30 years of one and off playing.

These people have certain characteristics. They're hard working. They don't make excuses. They're coachable. And they're committed to transforming their lives.

So if you have some or all of these qualities, then Allen Hopgood knows how to get you to the outcome you want. Allen offers you complete transparency, as someone who help their students LIVE weekly, answering every question that comes their way. Allen has a string of tools that you can use to get to where you want to go. Which means you can start playing songs as soon as today. 

So rest assured you that no matter what others promise you, when it comes to creating the results you really want, Allen's help will get you there faster. Best of all, everything is made simple to understand.
"Hi Allen, Had to share, had a day off today and practiced guitar for 2 or 3 hours, then my husband jumped on drums and we played about 6 or 7 songs together through the amps and it actually worked :-) Pumped haha. Thanks for being an awesome teacher. - V. McLelland GC Guitar Club Member
Yes! I want to speed up my results and learn everything I need to play at the jam.
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