Are Short Guitar Practice Sessions Your Key To Success as an Adult Beginner Guitar Player?

As an adult, practicing the guitar can be a challenge. With busy schedules, family responsibilities, and a host of other commitments, finding the time and energy to devote to guitar practice can seem daunting.
Contrary to popular opinion, where you have to practice for hours every day, you may find that by breaking up practice sessions into smaller chunks, you can achieve more success in less time. Here are a few reasons why practicing the guitar in small sessions may be better for adults.
Time Management
The primary benefit of practicing the guitar in small sessions is that it allows for more efficient time management. Rather than trying to carve out a large block of time to practice, which may not be feasible for busy adults, smaller sessions of 15-20 minutes can be worked into the day more easily.

These sessions can be completed during breaks at work, while the kids are napping, or even in the morning before the day gets started. This helps adults fit practice into their busy lives, without sacrificing other important commitments.
Better Focus
When practicing the guitar in small sessions, adults can remain more focused and alert. Longer practice sessions can often lead to burnout and fatigue, as well as a loss of focus. By breaking up practice into smaller sessions, adults can remain engaged and alert, focusing on specific techniques or sections of a song. This ultimately leads to more productive and successful practice sessions.
Small sessions of guitar practice are also more conducive to developing consistency in practice. Rather than practicing for an hour once a week, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and inconsistent, practicing for 15-20 minutes a day is more manageable and achievable.

Consistency is crucial for adult guitar players, as it helps them to develop muscle memory, and progress more quickly.
Reduced Frustration
Finally, practicing the guitar in small sessions can reduce frustration and disappointment for adult players. When attempting to learn new techniques or songs, it can be frustrating to repeatedly make mistakes or feel as though progress is not being made.

Smaller practice sessions can reduce this frustration, as adults are able to make incremental progress each day, building confidence and motivation over time.
In conclusion, practicing the guitar in small sessions can be hugely beneficial for adults. By breaking up practice sessions into smaller chunks, adults can fit guitar practice into their busy schedules, remain more focused and alert, develop consistency in practice, and reduce frustration.

For adult guitar players looking to improve their skills and achieve their goals, small sessions of practice may be the most effective and efficient way to achieve success.
Author: Allen Hopgood
Allen Hopgood is the founder of Gold Coast School of Guitar. A friendly, inviting, community, where he helps adults to play songs for fun.

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