5 Questions You Should Ask a Guitar Teacher BEFORE Asking “What's The Cost Of Lessons” - Your Key To Unlocking the Value They Provide

Embarking on a guitar learning journey as an adult is an exciting endeavour that requires finding the right guitar teacher to guide you along the way. Before delving into the financial aspect of lessons, it's crucial to ask questions that reveal the value the teacher can bring to your learning experience.

By understanding their qualifications, teaching style, and the unique benefits they offer, you can make an informed decision and find a guitar teacher who will help you reach your musical goals. In this blog post, we will explore five essential questions to ask a guitar teacher to uncover the value they provide for adult learners
What is your teaching experience, and how does it benefit adult learners?
Inquire about the guitar teacher's teaching experience and how it specifically benefits adult learners. Understanding their background will shed light on their ability to tailor lessons to meet the unique needs of adult students.

Look for teachers who have experience working with adult learners and can provide insights and guidance to help you progress effectively on your musical journey.
What teaching methods do you employ to help adult learning?
Adult learners often require different teaching methods compared to younger students. Ask the guitar teacher about the strategies they use to engage and motivate adult learners.

You want to find an instructor who understand the challenges and motivations of adult students, and who can adapt their teaching style to accommodate your learning preferences and goals.
How can you assist me in achieving my specific musical aspirations?
Every adult learner has unique musical aspirations, whether it's mastering a particular genre, writing original music, or playing in a band. Inquire about how the guitar teacher can help you achieve your specific goals.

Search for instructors who can provide guidance, resources, and practical advice tailored to your musical aspirations, ensuring that your lessons are focused on what you want to achieve
What additional resources or support do you provide outside of lessons?
Learning the guitar doesn't solely revolve around lessons. Ask the guitar teacher about any additional resources, materials, or support they provide to enhance your learning experience outside of scheduled lessons.

Ask your prospective guitar teacher if they offer supplementary materials, practice routines, online resources, or even opportunities for performance or collaboration, as these can greatly enrich your journey as an adult learner.
Can you provide testimonials or success stories from adult students?
Inquire about testimonials or success stories from previous adult students. Hearing about the experiences and accomplishments of others can provide valuable insights into the teacher's ability to deliver results and foster growth.

Teachers who have a track record of helping adult learners progress and achieve their musical goals will gladly point you in the right direction.
Finding the right guitar teacher is paramount for adult learners seeking a fulfilling and successful guitar learning experience. By asking these five questions about teaching experience, teaching methods for adult learners, assistance in achieving specific goals, additional resources and support, and testimonials or success stories, you can uncover the value that a guitar teacher can provide.

Remember, the right teacher will not only guide and inspire you but will also offer customized instruction and resources that align with your musical aspirations. Invest time in finding a teacher who will empower you to reach your full potential as an adult guitar learner.
Some final thoughts on why asking the question, 'How much are your lessons" first, is not in your best interest...
Guitar lessons are not a commodity. They are not something you can buy on special at a shop, or get priced matched when you see them advertised.

There are not enough qualified guitar teachers around offering their services to be considered a commodity. You wouldn't think the same about a tradesman's services, would you?

Never consider a guitar teacher based on price alone. Especially if they are not a professional guitar teacher. Most professional guitar teachers have spent many years and many thousands and thousands of dollars to hone and perfect their craft. With that said, all guitar teachers are not created equal.

If a guitar teacher does not teach the style of music you want to learn, you should not consider lessons with them, even if they are at a convenient location for you.

Because if they do not teach what you want to learn, asking the price question first is irrelevant anyway, wouldn't you agree?
Author: Allen Hopgood
Allen Hopgood has been a professional guitar teacher on the Gold Coast since 2011. His lessons are designed to help adults to play songs for fun.

You can find out more about Allen Hopgood here: https://www.goldcoastschoolofguitar.com/
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