For Adults To Play At Campfires And Parties

Struggling To Play Guitar At Campfires Or Parties?

Without the right tools, you're going to find you'll fumble through most songs. No matter how persistent you are.
The good news is, there's an easy solution that will help you become a competent guitarist at any campfire.
Sign up for acoustic guitar lessons and I'll show you everything you need to know to hold your own at any campfire, pub jam or party.
You'll learn the right skills to get you into the jam... All with clear, step-by-step instructions, and lots of help along the way.
After 10 years of teaching, I've seen it all and together we'll fix any problems that are keeping you from your goals.
Once you've learnt the right skills, your acoustic guitar will be the life of the party, and those campfire jams that used to be frustrating are going to be really fun.
Get started today...
"I tried to learn guitar many years ago but became very frustrated after trying three different teachers and ended up giving it up. Fast Forward 30 years and I happened to see an ad for Gold Coast School of Guitar. I have been there now for four and a half years and have found Allen to be an excellent teacher...  Another great thing Allen does is he teaches you how to practice which no one else had shown me. Your age doesn't matter, if you want to have fun and learn a new and enjoyable life skill... give Allen a call. You won't be sorry." - Jim P. GC Guitar Club Member
"Thanks Allen. Much appreciated. What I was going to say is that your suggestion last night has BMR sounding really good now. I am starting to get it where I want it." - Alex A. Gold Coast School of Guitar student
(For Your Acoustic Jam)
There are many great things for you to learn. Plus many exciting ways you can learn them. At Gold Coast School of Guitar you can learn them through live online guitar lessons, on-demand instructional videos and in guitar workshops and music camps.
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Allen Hopgood has been playing guitar since 1983. He has shared the stage with some of Australia's biggest musical talent including, Jimmy Barnes and The Radiators, plus U.S mega-stars - Kiss.
Teaching professionally since 2011, Allen has gained a loyal following of adult students over 40 who enjoy his laid-back, comprehensive lessons and relaxed, easy-going persona.
He has an affinity for helping adult beginner guitar players quickly play great songs on their acoustic. And then turning them into casual performers, so they are confident playing for others around the campfire or sing-alongs at parties.
Allen has developed a proven path that teaches you how you can become everyone's favourite guitar player - even if kicking back after work and strum away is your jam.
Yes! I want to get better at strumming and playing my acoustic guitar.
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