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26 May 2023
Are you an adult looking to learn the guitar but unsure of how to find the right teacher? In our latest blog post, "5 Questions You Should Ask a Guitar Teacher Before Asking, ‘How Much For Lessons’ - Unlocking the Value They Provide," we explore the essential questions you should ask potential guitar teachers before discussing the financial aspect. Discover how to uncover the value a teacher can bring to your learning experience by exploring their qualifications, teaching style, and the unique benefits they offer. With these insightful questions, you can make an informed decision and find a guitar teacher who will guide you towards your musical aspirations as an adult learner. Don't settle for less—find a teacher who can unlock your full potential and make your guitar journey an enjoyable and rewarding one.
24 May 2023
In this warm and engaging article tailored for adult beginners playing the acoustic guitar, we dive into the question of whether reading music is essential to enjoying your guitar journey. We explore the power of chords, the convenience of tablature, the art of learning by ear, and the wonders of YouTube tutorials. Discover alternative methods that will have you strumming your favourite songs and embracing the joy of making music on your guitar, without the need for sheet music. So, grab your guitar and let your inner troubadour soar as we uncover the secrets to musical fulfilment on this delightful adventure.

10 May 2023
In this article, we explore the foundational skills required for good guitar practicing for adults over 40 who are either starting to play or looking to pick up the guitar again after many years of not playing. We focus on developing finger dexterity, chord progressions, strumming patterns, and rhythm, as well as the importance of having a good mindset and using visualization techniques. We also highlight the benefits of playing and practicing in front of a mirror and writing things down to help the brain retain information. With consistent practice, even 5 minutes a day, one can achieve great results and build confidence in their guitar playing abilities.
26 Apr 2023
This article explores the many benefits of listening to music when learning the guitar. It delves into the science behind active listening and how it can enhance a musician's understanding of music theory and improve their playing ability. The article provides ten tips for making the most out of music listening sessions, including selecting inspiring songs, taking notes, and analyzing the music. It also touches on the importance of exploring different genres and learning from other musicians. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist, incorporating music listening into your practice routine can help you stay motivated and take your skills to the next level.
19 Apr 2023
Are you looking for a healthy and fun way to break free from screens and stress? Look no further than learning to play the guitar! In this blog post, we explore why learning guitar over 40 is the new black. We focus on the many benefits of playing the guitar, including the positive effects on mental and physical health, the social aspect of playing in a group, and the lifelong learning opportunities. We also discuss why it's a healthy and fun way to break free from screens and stress, and why it's the fountain of youth for your mind and body. So if you're interested in discovering a new hobby that can improve your health and well-being, give the guitar a try!
5 Apr 2023
Are you an adult beginner guitar player over 40? Learning guitar takes more than just a 5-minute fix. It requires perseverance, discipline, patience, time for skills to develop, and above all, passion. In this engaging blog post, we'll explore the real requirements for learning guitar as an adult and share valuable tips to help you navigate the challenges along the way. This blog post is your guide to a fulfilling and enjoyable guitar learning experience as an adult beginner.
29 Mar 2023
In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of practicing the guitar in small sessions, specifically for adult learners. For busy adults with a multitude of responsibilities, finding time to practice guitar can be a challenge. However, breaking up practice sessions into smaller chunks of 15-20 minutes can help adult guitar players achieve more success in less time. We explore how smaller practice sessions help with time management, focus and concentration, consistency, and reducing frustration for adult learners.
22 Mar 2023
Learning guitar as an adult can be a challenging but rewarding experience, especially when it comes to learning your favourite songs. In this post, we'll explore the easiest way to learn and play guitar songs for adult beginners, covering essential techniques and tips to memorize chords and progressions. Whether you're a complete novice or have some guitar experience, our guide will show you the fastest method to learn and play guitar songs. Simply learning songs this way, along with your busy schedule, you will see great results in a few minutes a day.
15 Mar 2023
Strumming patterns do not have to be hard, when you have mastered the most common rhythms guitar players use. Yes, there a many variations of these basic rhythms, but this post will show you the 6 most important rhythms that guitar players over 40 should know. And when you have mastered these rhythms you will be well on your way to becoming a confident guitar player.
8 Mar 2023
Learning songs on guitar as an adult we want the instant gratification of being able to say 'I can do it!" That is natural and there's nothing wrong with that. However, it takes a while to develop skills and confidence to do so. And when we try to learn too much at once this of course can lead to doubt and stress. This article is for you so you can not only have the fun and reward of playing your first song on guitar but to show how you can do it, stress-free!
4 Mar 2023
While learning how to play songs on guitar is a complex process, there are a few things that you can easily do today to get started moving in the right direction. In this quick guide, I will share my top 3 tips to help adults over 40 have fun playing songs.
15 Feb 2023
Choosing the right guitar, that suits your hands and body type, is essential to you having fun learning how to play songs. This guide for adult beginner guitar players will point you in the right direction.
1 Feb 2023
Understanding the ups, downs, highs and lows of your guitar is essential to improving your guitar skills as an adult over 40. Watch this short video so that you can make learning the guitar fun and stress-free.
30 Jan 2023
Open guitar chords can be challenging at first to learn. This will help you shorten the learning curve
30 Jan 2023
The guitar is a great tool to help you relieve stress, connect with other people and serve as a creative outlet - whether after work, on the weekends or a new career.
5 Apr 2022
The Best Way To Remember Songs On Your Guitar Without A Sheet Of Music In Front Of You
21 Mar 2022
Learning the guitar as an adult can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Here are some practice tips to help you develop your guitar skills and start you on your guitar journey.
8 Feb 2023
Learning random, non-musical exercises like spider walks and playing scales up and down instead of practising songs is an age-old debate on how to improve your guitar skills. There are benefits to both sides. However as an adult learning how to play the guitar, your practice time is short and needs to be fun. Here is 5 reasons why learning songs is better than learning exercises on guitar.
9 Jan 2021
We play guitar because we want to play songs. Songs is where it's at! Nobody is going to ask you to play them that C Major scale you've been working on... So what songs are the best to play? Click the 'read more' button below right now to find out what are the ten best songs for you to get started on...
9 Jan 2021
Can't play a song yet? But your mates want you to come and jam? Learn this one simple chord shape so you can easily play along with any song they throw your way!
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