Learn How To Play Electric Guitar With Songs From The Best Classic Rock Albums Of All Time 

Are You A Classic 'Older' Rocker Feeling Stuck?
Without the right chops it's easy to feel 'left out' at a jam session - no matter how much good gear you own...

Fortunately there's a simple solution that will help you become confident playing both rhythm and lead guitar on any classic rock, blues-based song.

Sign up for electric guitar lessons and I will show you all you need to play those classic songs from the best classic rock albums of all time - from artists like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, ZZ Top and many, many MORE!
You will gain new skills with easy, step-by-step instructions and all the help you need every step of the way.
From playing since '83 and teaching for the past decade, I've seen it all and together we'll fix any problems that are keeping you from your goals.
Once you've learnt the right skills, those classic rock jam sessions that you used to feel left out of, will have exchanging a fun conversation that you'll be proud to be part of.
Get started today...
"Thanks again for an awesome session, loving the little blues drills". - Victoria M.- GC Guitar Club Member
"Thanks very much - I was very impressed and very happy with the lesson and your teaching style - excellent! Just what I have been looking for - thanks. I look forward to the next session. Cheers" - Bill L. Gold Coast School of Guitar Student
(For Your Electric Jam)
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"... Allen has the ability to subtly coerce you to get more from yourself than you think you have. As a father of two, who works long hours, it can be hard to know what to do in a short space of spare time. However Allen teaches us how to practice effectively on our own without overwhelm which is probably the most valuable lesson of all...." - Darren Jones - Gold Coast School of Guitar Student Google Review
Allen Hopgood has been playing guitar since 1983. He has shared the stage with some of Australia's biggest musical talent including, Jimmy Barnes and The Radiators, plus U.S mega-stars - Kiss.
Teaching professionally since 2011, Allen has gained a loyal following of adult students over 40 who enjoy his comprehensive lessons and relaxed, easy-going persona.
With an aptitude for helping beginners quickly play songs, and then into casual performers, Allen has developed a path that teaches you how to play songs with (and for) others so you can become everyone's favourite guitar player - playing the guitar the way you have always wanted to.
"Thanks.  I am enjoying the course, and I feel that it is helping me to better understand how music works on a fret board.  I've always just thought of guitar playing as either notes and / or chords.  Now I am beginning to see how both are related to make a free-flowing musical expression." -Steve G. - Gold Coast School of Guitar Student
Yes! I want to start playing better lead and rhythm, classic rock guitar today.
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