For Adults To Play At Campfires And Parties

GC Guitar Club Membership is about giving you the tools you need to grow as a musician, with flexible scheduling to provide the support you need to reach your goals.
Enjoy a minimum four sessions per month with flexible scheduling. Reinforce what you've learned with exclusive content from The Vault.
Chat about your musical interests and learn from other members in the Gold Coast School of Guitar Members-Only GC Guitar Club Facebook group.
Build the confidence and skills to jam with any jam group, play in a band, or reach the next level and have fun performing for friends and family.
There are only thirty GC Guitar Club members at a time...
If you're curious how this might be a 'right fit' for you...
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As a GC Guitar Club member, you have the option to choose between ongoing classes, or specific topics and styles in 8-10 week program blocks.
All adult classes are run in the early evenings, Tuesday - Thursday. 
 See below to choose the perfect membership option for you!
*Lessons A La Carte are individual private lessons. Memberships for private lessons are currently full.
• As a GC Guitar Club member, you have the benefit of flexible scheduling which means if you cannot make your normal class session time you can jump into another session that week.
• If you want to schedule more than four lessons for the month, you can upgrade your membership at any time to Premium or Executive memberships.
• You may purchase additional lessons (based on availability) for 10% off the Lessons A La Carte rate.
• Executive members may attend as many sessions as they like each month. All workshops throughout the year are also included in your Executive membership as long as you stay enrolled.
• Discounted rates to workshops are available for Basic and Premium members.
• Each ongoing adult class sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes in length.
• At GC Guitar Club, you also have the option to choose specific topic classes that are a maximum of 120-minutes in duration.
• Membership fees are a flat rate, billed monthly. There are no refunds for membership fees.
• You can cancel at anytime. No lock-in contracts
• You can upgrade your membership at any time by paying the difference in membership rate for that month.
Video Lessons:
• Gonna miss a lesson? As a GC Guitar Club member you get most sessions recorded for you (or the main parts) and uploaded into your private members area so you can watch at your convenience.
• Video sessions are available to all Basic, Premium, and Executive members.
• Access to the private members area and The Vault for reinforced learning is available 24/7 as long as you remain a member.
• All video and audio lessons are the intellectual property of Gold Coast School of Guitar. Video and audio lessons are for you only, and may not be shared with other parties.
Make-up lessons:
• There are no make-up lessons/classes. There is a flexible schedule where you may reschedule and attend any session throughout the week
• There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons/classes.
• No make-up/refunds/credits covers all personal issues, general illness, conflicts with schedules/other interests/sports/activities, holidays, transportation issues, weather issues, etc.
• In the unlikely event Gold Coast School of Guitar should need to cancel or reschedule your lessons/classes, you will be:
a) Offered another class time through the flexible schedule suitable to you
b) As long as you stay a member of GC Guitar Club, there is no set time for you to attend the session(s) if not suitable to you. The session can be rescheduled at your convenience.

Late Payments:
• Absolutely no lessons/classes/training will be given without full pre-paid tuition unless arrangements have been made.
• All late payments will incur a $50 late payment fee, unless prior arrangements have been made.
• If more than 2 late payments are made in a calendar year, the student's membership will be cancelled, even if prior arrangements have been made for the first two late payments. This means that if a third payment is received after the due date, the student's membership will be cancelled, and their payment will be returned, minus the $50 late fee.
• If a student's membership is cancelled, the student is welcome to join the waitlist for membership.
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