5 Benefits Of Learning Songs Over Guitar Exercises

Learning to play the guitar as an adult can be a rewarding experience. But many beginners get discouraged when they start out with exercises and scales, instead of playing actual songs. In this blog post, we'll explore why learning songs on the guitar can be a better approach and the benefits that come with it.
Increased Motivation
When you start learning the guitar, it can be disheartening to play exercises that don't sound like anything you recognize. On the other hand, learning songs can be much more motivating, as you can hear the progress you're making and enjoy playing something you know and love.
As an adult learning guitar with limited practice time, it's more enjoyable to work on a song you enjoy rather than uninspiring, non-musical exercises. This will also increase your motivation to keep practicing as the song progresses.
Better Understanding of Chords and Progressions
Playing songs on the guitar can also help you understand chords and progressions better. By playing songs, you'll learn how chords fit together and how they can be used to create different types of music. This understanding will help you learn songs quicker and will be useful if you choose to start writing your own songs.
Increased Finger Dexterity
Playing songs on the guitar requires you to switch between chords quickly, which can help improve your finger dexterity. This is an important skill for guitar players, as it will allow you to play more advanced songs and techniques.
Improved Ear Training
When you learn songs on the guitar, you'll also be improving your ear training. You'll learn to recognize different chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies, which can be a great foundation for further musical development.
Fun and Enjoyment
Learning songs on the guitar can also be a lot of fun. You'll enjoy playing the music you love and you'll be able to share your skills with others. Whether you're playing for friends and family or performing in public, playing songs on the guitar can be a great source of enjoyment.

And here's a bonus tip as to why learning songs on the guitar can be a much better approach than just learning exercises. Yes, It can increase motivation, better your understanding of chords and progressions, increase finger dexterity, improve ear training, and of course be a lot of fun. But all the exercises you need to become a confident guitar player, are found in the songs you want to play!

All the chord changes, the rhythm patterns and learning how to play lead guitar, can all be broken down into tiny little exercises for you to work on. All from the song that you want to learn.

So, next time you're practicing the guitar, try picking up a song instead of just playing exercises. Your musical journey will thank you!
Author: Allen Hopgood
Allen Hopgood is the founder of Gold Coast School of Guitar. His motivation to build his guitar teaching studio is to help adults over 40 to play songs for fun.

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