Are You On The Right Path?

Are You On The Right Guitar Path?

Are you frustrated with playing even simple songs on your guitar? Struggling to learn from 'easy' guitar videos that leave you feeling like you should know how to do that already?

If this sounds like you, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with your potential. You have what it takes to play guitar. . . as long as you have the desire.

While at times informative, learning through books and free videos can be very limiting, causing you to doubt yourself. Often these 'products' are designed for mass appeal. You however, are unique. You have your own way of learning how to play guitar.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Even though there is a lot to learn to become better at playing guitar, there are 3 things that no resource listed above can give you if you want to become a good player...

1. The right path (one size does not fit all when it comes to playing songs on your guitar). You learn in a unique way and what may come easily to you may be a challenge for your friend. The reverse is also true.

2. Guidance. You need to know if what you are learning right now is right for you right now. What I mean is, if you've been playing less than a year, all you should be practicing and focusing on are the songs you want to play. Not scales or theory...

3. Feedback and support. You need to know if what you are doing can be done easier. Just by moving your thumb slightly can make all the difference in the ease of you changing chords.

To do this, invest your time in seeking out the right guitar teacher for you. It will be money well invested when you see how much quicker and easier it can be playing your guitar. Plus it will help you to be more organised, productive and have way more fun every time you pick up your guitar.
What can guitar lessons offer you that you won't find in any, "Play like artist X in 30 days" videos? Professional guitar lessons should be a program for developing yourself in all areas of your life - not just musically. You're only human so it's quite natural to have doubts about your lack of 'natural talent'. Your fingers are too fat. You don't have good rhythm. Or that you can't read music...

Legitimate concerns for sure, but left on your own can really impede your progress...
A Better Way Of Thinking
What do I need to learn to play guitar? is a more empowering way to think. "What skills do I need to learn to have a better sense of rhythm?" These type of questions is what you can ask your guitar teacher and they will set you up on the right path.

Just remember if you ask your teacher those questions and you have only just begun or have been struggling to play songs for years make sure they assign you real music exercises. Preferably related to the songs you want to play.

Your guitar teacher will be there every step of the way for you. With the advice, shortcuts, insights, feedback and guidance you need. Helping you prevent making the mistakes they've made along the way. They're committed to doing their part for you. The question remains - will you do your part, for you? Will you choose to play guitar well? To get on the right path and stay there until you can play your guitar the way you want to?

Author: Allen Hopgood
Allen Hopgood is a professional guitar teacher and has been helping adult beginning guitar players for nearly 10 years to play the songs they love.

You can find out more about Allen here:
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