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1. Click the "Schedule Your Session" button below
2. You will be taken to a scheduling calendar
3. Choose an available appointment time that works for you. The calendar shows available appointments between 1-30 days in the future.
4. Enter your name, email and sms (to receive booking reminders)
Allen will then be in touch with you via email, phone, or both to answer any questions you may have and to confirm your 'play-along' session time.
"Thanks very much - I was very impressed and very happy with the lesson and your teaching style - excellent! Just what I have been looking for - thanks. I look forward to the next session. Cheers" - Bill L. Gold Coast School of Guitar Student
Your musical experience should be fun and relaxing, not stressful and confusing. At Gold Coast School of Guitar it's top priority that you know what is involved in scheduling lessons, so that you know what your options are if your schedule doesn't go as planned.
What You Need To Know
Allen is a dedicated full-time professional teacher and he spends a great deal of time planning your unique musical experience. When you purchase a lesson you are paying for a time slot in Allen's schedule.
Each lesson is up to 50 minutes in length, depending on your needs for the day. At Gold Coast School of Guitar, lessons are about learning new skills you need to play well with others, and not about watching the clock. Mark your calendar for a full 50 minutes in case we need it, but if we reach our objectives for the day earlier, we won't use the whole 50 minutes.
Once your time slot is on Allen's calendar and your card is charged, your lesson purchase is final. Like any other final purchase your time slot is yours to use or not use as you please, and your money is wasted if you don't attend your lesson. Lessons A La Carte can not be rescheduled, but if you can't make your lesson Allen will be happy to record a lesson video for you during your lesson time. There are no refunds or credits for cancelled or missed lessons.
‚ÄčIn the unlikely event that Allen must cancel your lesson, you will be given your choice of a refund or priority scheduling for a make-up lesson. Lessons A La Carte expire six months after date of purchase.
Audio And Video Recordings
Audio and video recordings of your lessons are a valuable resource. Allen will record the most important parts of your lessons for you.
Most recordings are easily completed during your lesson, whether in person or online. Allen will make all recordings during your lesson unless you request otherwise and choose to pay extra for the time involved.
Lesson materials, including audio and video recordings are for your educational use only, and should not be shared with anyone else. All lesson materials are the intellectual property of Gold Coast School of Guitar
Technical Difficulties
Technical difficulties happen, but you don't have to miss your lesson due to failings of your internet service provider or an unexpected computer crash if you've taken the proper steps to prepare.
Your devices and internet connection are your responsibility, so make sure to follow these instructions carefully before every lesson to reduce the chance of losing valuable lesson time:
  • Most technical problems are solved by turning your device off and on again. Before your lesson, turn your device fully off and back on again ten minutes before your lesson. (Restart sooner if your device takes a while to be ready to use.)
  • Sluggish internet speeds are often fixed by restarting your router. To restart your router: Unplug the power cable, wait thirty seconds, and plug the cable back in. Most routers take 5-15 minutes before they are up and running again, so start the process twenty minutes before your lesson to play it safe.
  • Make sure your device is updated with the latest operating systems and software.
  • Ask others to not use your internet connection during your lesson time. YouTube and Netflix burn up bandwidth and will reduce your internet speed, leading to grainy video and distorted audio.
  • Get the fastest internet you can. Recommended speed is at least 20Mbps (download speed) and 5Mbps (upload speed).
  • Have a backup plan in case your internet fails. A cell phone or tablet connected to a cellular network is a great choice for a backup connection.
  • If your device or internet have problems frequently, we recommend that you have a Premium or Executive Membership to avoid the stress of missed lessons.
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