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A Fun Way For Adults Over 40 To Play Songs!
You have the guitar, you've got the desire, let's play music together!

Join a community of adult guitar players over 40 and discover a world of fun and musical possibilities. Whether you're looking to strengthen your skills, reconnect with old friends or make new ones, these workshops offer the perfect mix of learning and socialising.
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For Local Gold Coast Adult Beginners Over 40 Only...
Most Saturdays from 11 AM 
2-Hour 'Getting Started Quickly' Acoustic Guitar Workshop
Where you will learn:
How to get both hands working together to play a full song
Experience the Magic of Guitar Workshops with GC School of Guitar
Topics covered include:
• Adding Colour To Common Chords
• Getting Notes Off The Page To Your Guitar
• Getting Started Quickly
• Strumming Made Simple
• The One-Page Song System
• Four Finger Workouts
• Campfire Guitar Jamming 
• Beginner Guitar Song Secrets
Steve. H "Getting Notes Off The Page To Your Guitar" Attendee & GC Guitar Club Member
"Just a quick note to say how much Ben and I both enjoyed the session this afternoon. We came to the session with different perspectives. One who could read music and one who couldn't, and we both learned so much. Thanks again for putting on these workshops."
These fun, innovative guitar workshops are held throughout the year. For more information on upcoming workshops reach out to Gold Coast School of Guitar here
Your Patient Instructor
Are you over 40 and looking to take your guitar skills to new heights? Meet Allen Hopgood, a seasoned guitarist who has shared the stage with some of Australia's and the US's biggest music talents, including Jimmy Barnes, The Radiators, and KISS. With years of experience as a guitar teacher and a commitment to ongoing training, Allen knows how to help you play the songs you love.

Think you've tried everything and still struggling to play along with songs? Allen has helped countless beginner guitar players find success, even those who had been stuck with another teacher for years. From helping you play along with a song in just 30 minutes to transforming you into a confident performer, Allen has the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

But why choose Allen Hopgood over others? It's simple - results. Allen has a proven track record of success, with students like Sasha and Steve who have achieved breakthroughs in their playing after working with him. And the best part? Allen offers complete transparency, answering questions and offering support every step of the way.

So if you're a hard-working, coachable, and committed guitar player over 40, join the GC Guitar Club and see the results for yourself. With Allen's simple and effective methods, you could be playing songs and unlocking your guitar potential in no time. Don't wait - start your guitar transformation today!
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